Multi-channel Alerting System – A Versatile Customer Interaction Tool (PR Article)

HummingBytes alerting system is a notification engine, which sends alerts to cell phones (Voice and SMS), to landlines and also to Email destinations. The ability to serve personalized alerts in 3 different mechanism and to schedule alerts for future dates makes Hummingbytes AlertingSystem a very valuable component in any organization’s customer interaction strategy.

Holliston, MA (PRWEB) February 17, 2010 — Hummingbytes Inc a Massachusetts based company has designed an easy to use Alerting system which can help businesses of all sizes to send important pieces of information to their clients from the ease of their desktop. Hummingbytes Alerting System is a web based product which enables sending alerts from anywhere to anywhere. That means sitting in Boston one can update their customers in San Francisco with the click of a button.

Multi-channel Alerting system
Multi-channel Alerting system

The system provides a proactive way of informing people with important pieces of information. Let it be medication reminders or bank overdraft alerts, sending notifications at the right time to the right person can save your customers a lot of aggravation and in most cases money. Not to mention the lowered costs and service quality improvements.

Some Industry Solutions:

  • Welcome messages to new customers thanking them for their business
  • Updating customers of product availability (Event Triggered)
  • Promotions and personalized marketing messages (Digital Coupons)
  • Travel-delays notifications and travel-reminders
  • Updates on problem resolutions (Status Updates)
  • Change notifications (Account status, System Outages )
  • Notifying shipment delivery date & time
  • Appointment & Medication reminders
  • Past-due bill reminders. Collection agency reminders.
  • Notices of community meetings / parent teacher meetings etc.
  • Emergency notifications (Snow storm alerts)
  • Car dealership (Oil change / Tire rotation reminders)
  • Banks and Credit card companies (Account balances alerts)

Users of the system can schedule alerts for a future date/time or can dispatch them immediately. The system is also capable of mass messaging. There is an easy way to create messages and upload the recipients’ contacts. The product also offers rich web APIs for enterprise level integration.  

According to the founders of the company, the system is designed with recipients’ privacy in mind. Recipients can opt-out of the alerts and system will not send alerts to those opted out individuals. The system is designed with secure communication mechanism to ensure that contact information is not compromised to eavesdroppers.

 The system is capable of sending three different types of alerts – SMS (TEXT), Voice and E-mail.
SMS alerts can be sent to any international number. So businesses can serve international clientele from their central location. Voice alerts are equipped with multi-level answering machine detection algorithm (silence detection with speech analysis), which enables detection of answering machines to the highest levels of accuracy possible. Voice mail messages can be different from the main message enabling one to leave a call back number or “we missed you” message and have them call back.

This system promises to help businesses creating proactive communication with their customer base cost effectively. It also promises very high ROI and quick outcome.

AlertingSystem Demo

About Hummingbytes Inc.
Founded in 2006, Hummingbytes is a software product and services company specializing in Mobile and Voice solutions. The company develops and maintains communication clouds where Voice, SMS, email, IM & Fax based applications can be deployed. It also makes web based communication products by leveraging their cloud technology. The company delivers robust systems that come with the high level of service quality and 99.0% uptime.


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