Airlines can give better customer relation experience without a lot of investment

We have been trying to brainstorm different solutions in this blog which come from day-to-day experiences that we go through. We think that there is some gap that can be bridged using the communication technology. This one is from very recent experience from my international travel. This is so recent that I am actually writting this from 30000 feet above the ground and the trip is not yet finished.

The trip started with 9 hours flight delay. Some of the passengers had to go through the process of re-tagging their bags and I was one of those (lucky!!) people. It was a nightmare as a customer represenatative didn’t know the exact status of my bags. Just before my plane left I got my new tags delivered at my seat till then I was not sure the status of my luggage. Why can’t airlines use newer communication technologies to keep passengers updated in these kind of circumstances? I think ROI in these kind of solutions is very stratight forward. These solutions alone don’t go in thousands of dollars. I spent almost 35-40 minutes with the supervisor who could not really tell me what exactly the status of the bags was, let alone the image of the airlines and customer satisfaction. These kind of issues where customers need more information on a particular situation happens everyday. Airlines can really make the whole workflow trasparent to the passengers by sending them relevant information using either TEXT or Voice alerts. It would have been really good if I knew what exactly was going on to reduce some nail biting moments in the trip.

(Note: The actual entry got posted a few weeks after it was written.)


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