Businesses need to interact with their consumers using TEXTing

The time has come that every business, no matter whether it is small or big, needs to have mobile presence. Starting of this century it was a web presence that everybody was going for, now it needs to extend to mobile presence. The “Third Screen” is becoming a part of the life in many countries and in many countries that is the “Only screen” people have. Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, recently said, “There are over one billion people with Internet access on the planet but there are more than four billion people with mobile phones and Twitter can work on all of them because even the simplest of these devices feature SMS.” This statement is an eye opener statement!

TEXTing can be used to accept questions and concerns about the products, services. It can be used in Customer Service applications. It can really be used to create one-on-one dialog between you and your customer.
TEXTing is still a relatively uncluttered and spam-free channel. I think governing bodies have also learnt from “e-mail spamming” experience to keep this medium relatively clean. It is individual business’ and applications provider’s responsibility to keep it clean as well; and give more value to the end-users. If all of us can keep this moral responsibility in mind and use this medium, then I think we have a win-win situation here.

Hummingbytes has a suite of hosted products to take advantage of this. Businesses can use SMS based customer service module to answer end-users questions and concerns. They can use alerting module to keep customers updated. They can also use Hummingbytes communication cloud to integrate the communication in their own business processes. Most importantly the whole suite is based on Short code and adheres to anti-spam guidelines.

Not many of us are aware that these applications can really be very cost-effective. These applications can also have very high ROI. The solutions need to be a part of business’ overall strategy and most importantly should be designed methodically.


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2 Responses to “Businesses need to interact with their consumers using TEXTing”

  1. Robie Says:

    Nice thanks for sharing.. All your articles are superb

    • hummingbytes Says:

      Hi Robie,
      Thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to come up with real world business communication problems and issues. We are more than happy to come up with potential solutions using Hummingbytes product.


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