Questions Or Comments ?

Ever see those small printed section on the back of your chips packet, or candy bar or chewing gum ? “Questions or Comments” and then followed by a Toll free number ? Have you ever called to complain about the product or give comments ? And why would you if you have to talk to someone on the other end while you are enjoying your chips or candy ?

But would you TEXT your comments ? I guess most people will be inclined to do so. And let us sweeten the deal, you send your comments and you get a discount coupon !! How about that ? Now I am sure most people will be willing to send their comments in. Coupons and its redemption is another story and worth a new blog. But here are the advantages of collecting consumer product comments via TEXT.

1. You can collect phone numbers and the comments in plain text. Such text can be analyzed to find certain words that most people use. Eg : Too sweet. Too salty. Very dry. This gives an indicator as to what your consumers want.

2. Using the phone numbers you can do geographic analysis. People from NY are more critical than people from Texas. Maybe it is because your NY distributor is not doing enough to ensure product quality and packaging ?

3. You can reply one on one !! If your consumer has issues, attend to it !! This is the best way to connect directly via TEXT. Send them notes on how you are trying to improve and send them coupons for their next purchase.

TEXTing is ubiquitous and consumer product companies should capitalize on the above noted facts.


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