TEXT your congressman

As simple as that sounds. That is the idea. TEXT your congressman. Anytime you want and where ever you want. Find a pot hole that needs fixing TEXT it to the congressman, need a new street light in your area TEXT the congressman. These are things that needs attention and your appointed government worker will be more than happy to know what needs to be done in the city.

How does one TEXT the congressman ? Citizens text their concern to a US short code with the first work SEND followed by their city name. They can they have as many as 100 characters to fill in their complain. Example TEXT messages are “Please put up signs near the washington hospital to stop people from honking”. “I would like to visit you to discuss community park enhancement”. The TEXT gets routed through HB servers and the system finds the appropriate congressman based on the city entered. Then it creates a nice, courteous email and send it to the congressman.

The congressman gets the email and decides he wants to reply !! Well that is also supported. All the congressman has to do is enter his reply and click on SEND. Every email has a unique code that is affixed on it. This unique code is used to match the person who sent the TEXT and a reply is created and sent to the originator. There you have connected with your congressman and you have been heard !!

Simple, elegant and very practical. Who is going to remember the congressman’s email address or phone and then call him when you are in the middle of the road with your leg stuck in a pot hole. You can of course TEXT !!!


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