Patient Recruitment System

HummingBytes has been working with a Patient recruitment company for one of their pharmaceutical studies. We send appointment reminders to patients involved in the study being conducted. The appointments reminders can be sent by VOICE, SMS or EMAIL and it can be scheduled for future date and time.

Here is how it works. The patient (who is part of the study) opts-in for the preferred mechanism by calling into a voice application (IVR) or sending a TEXT message to our short code, or opting in via email. There are multiple mechanisms provided so that the patient chosses the best fit and uses it. All the applications were built using HummingBytes IIG.  (IIG comes with a rapid development environment and capability to deploy applications to the IIG cloud).  All the patient information along with their preferred contact mechanism is collected under the client’s account as client contacts. 

Now the patient recruitment company starts scheduling appointment reminders to the patients. There are 2 ways to schedule alerts. Web API or Web SaaS webpage. The web front end offers a simple intuitive interface to select a list of patients and send them alerts in their preferred mechanism. Variable can be  set to customize each alert. The web APIs and web based products are secure and safe, so no information is compromised.

Once the alerts are scheduled a detailed report shows how the alerting is going on. This information can then be downloaded for further analysis. Visit hummingbytes and learn more about the Alerting System.


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