Mobile CRM

Imagine a CRM solution with which you can reach your customers Anytime, Anywhere. Mobile phones are ubiquitous gadgets. Everyone carries one nowadays. If you can reach your customers and answer their concerns / questions on a media they carry with them all the time, then you have essentially built a strong customer service system for your customers.

Hummingbytes specializes in Mobile CRM solutions. Our Mobile CRM suite is a set of innovative products, that help you achieve one important thing. Effective customer communication.

It is a web based product that lets you be in touch with your customer’s needs at the click of a button. You can see the concerns your customers have, send them answers, essential information, advice, discount coupons all from the ease of your desktop. SMS, VOICE and EMAIL are the supported channels for customer-business interaction. This single portal reveals a lot about your customers and lets you deliver the information your customers are seeking.

Business Verticals

A sample of how Mobile CRM can be effectively used to support different verticals is enlisted.

  • Health Care

Health advice via SMS, Medication alerts, Addiction help and awareness.

  • Retail (Shops and Outlets)

Mobile coupons, Marketing messages, customer retention programs.

  • Education System

Parent-Teacher relationships, inclement weather alerts.

  • Media

Classified Ads placement, Interactive marketplace.

  • Banking & Finance

Daily stock updates, Funds performance alerts.


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