Gathering restaurant reviews

Do you own a restaurant ? Own a pizza or sandwich shop ? We can help you gather reviews of your food.  Real reviews from real patrons. They will tell you how well you run your restaurant business.  Just ask them to TEXT (SMS) in their comments to a short code.  Then we will provide you with a portal to go and check on the comments. You can also reply to them via TEXT with a thank you note and even send them invitations for a discounted or free meal in the future.

Our Mobile CRM offering is a simple concept. Let your customers reach out to you with their concerns and you can reply to them from the ease of your desk. You can find out why your patrons did not like certain things at your restaurant, and take corrective action. In this economy or any economy it is not worth losing a single customer. And imagine the very notion of being in touch with your customers at all times.

You can even send mobile coupons to get repeat customers. Give them 15 % to 20 % discount coupons on their Mobile phones which they can show and get a discounted meal. This will build your business and a steady stream of clients will show up every month.

Visit Hummingbytes Mobile CRM to see how we can help you. Call 508 361 2494 / 508 380 6169 for a one-on-one consultation and sign up.


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