Customer Service Help on SMS

Lately I got my car serviced at a local dealership. It was a 120 K tune up , check up etc .. etc. Everything was looking good, till a month later I took it for a drive to NY from Boston.  Halfway through I heard this dull drone from my engine. I stopped looked under the hood and found nothing unusual. Damn ! The service place did something wrong was my first thought. So I decided to look at my service card and call them up to ask them about it.

I called the toll free number and they put me on hold.  It went to a call center for my local car dealership.  I waited for around 20 minutes on the line and then got tired. I hungup. Then I looked at the service card for alternate numbers to call, and I found this line printed

 “TEXT in your car questions to 35350 with the keyword CARQ”

I immediately texted in my question “Did 120 K service last month at XYZ dealership.  Now car is giving dull drone on engine.  I am on highway CT 15 going South,  Need help”. After waiting for 3 minutes I got my response “Got your servicing details. Apologies for the bad servicing. Please take the care to service station at exit 104. They have been informed about your car.” !!!

I went to the exit 104, which was only a 15 mile ride. Went to the service station and they found a piece of wire gauze stuck on the oil stick.  They said that if the wire gauze had gone in to the engine block, it would have been very difficult to remove. Wow !! I was amazed at the speed with which I was able to TEXT in my problem, get an answer, have someone look at the car in less than 1 hour.  Impressive ! The support apparently used my cell number to find out from the dealership I went,  got my 120 K servicing details, got my car details and informed the service station on CT 15 about it !!! All done without explaining to support about my visit to the dealership, the car year and make I owned etc etc…


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2 Responses to “Customer Service Help on SMS”

  1. Julia Says:

    That sounds really cool and efficient! But is it a hypothetical or a service already available?

    • hummingbytes Says:

      Hi Julia,

      The story here is fictitious, just to convey the point. But we have created the actual product and there is a good acceptance to this concept. If you are interested in more we are more than happy to discuss.


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