Captcha. A new way using SMS and VOICE

Captchas are  challenge-response test used in computing to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. Captchas exist in many forms, TEXT, Audio, 2D / 3D pictures.  To get past a Captcha one has to either enter the TEXT as seen on a image or click on a 2D / 3D picture.

Now there are new mechanisms that can be used for a Captcha. SMS and VOICE.  In a SMS Captcha the system sends a alphanumeric code via TEXT. Eg: RE45FG9. This code has to be entered on the SMS Captcha screen to get past the check. In case of VOICE a call is made and the code is read out.

Here is a link to demonstrate a SMS / VOICE Captcha.  SMS Captcha


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