My dishwasher TEXTed me !!

I was in my office wondering If I put my dishes to wash before I left for work. It was Deja Vu. Every morning I keep thinking the same.  What about the house alarm.  Is it turned on ?  I hope my cooking range is turned off.  Talk about anxiety attack.

Right at that moment I got a TEXT message. “dish washer task ended. Time to complete 47 mins”. My diswasher sent me  a TEXT message !!! My dish washer communicated with me !! No I am not insane, but just the owner of a new device that I installed on my Dish washer, Cooking Range and Home security unit.  It is enabled with a SMS communication unit, to query and also to send commands from my phone !! I send a TEXT message to the Hummingbytes gateway, which authenticates with me and then forwards my commands to the device at my home. The device receives the TEXT message, (which is a encoded byte stream) and then takes action accordingly. I can query my dish washer if it has finished its work OR even start it remotely !! My home security system sends a TEXT once its security is compromised !!!

Since SMS is ubiquitous, a solution around it is an instant success and has wide acceptibility.  A SMS based device control unit. It is a pre-programmed unit for controlling devices.


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