American Idol audition on the phone

For those who know american idol and who have gone to the different cities to audition, this one is for you !! As soon as you think about traveling in this economy you think what if ? What if I can audition from my phone !! I will call into a toll free number, put in my American idol registration code and then sing to my heart’s content. Hear myselves, redo it and once satisfied send it for audition. Simon on the other end can then b*#ch and moan about your bad voice, (but cannot say it on your face) and paula can give you the comforting rap on you head saying your are OK !! (via phone !!)

This cannot replace the auditions that American idol has, but can open up the auditions to the ones who cannot travel, or too lazy or too shy !! The deserving ones will always shine no matter what (with some static !!)

This idea belongs to Hummingbytes and you can steal it !


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