Go Green

The other day we got a one page letter from our kids’ primary physician. The letter was about Flu season and Flu shot, to make parents aware that the vaccine was available and they can bring their children for Flu shots. In the effort of going green, I think this is one of the things that can go green if digital communication (e-mail, Voice or SMS) is used effectively instead of conventional paper letter. I bet parents will also be happy that there will be one less paper that they have to deal with. Also with the kind of junk mail we get everyday this kind of important communication can be lost in that junk.


I wanted to put some numbers which would relate number of papers and trees. I have calculated these numbers by doing some research on internet and using those numbers to calculate papers to tree equation. The calculation is an approximate calculation but will definitely put this into perspective.

A ream (500 sheets) of office paper requires approximately 3.6 kg of wood. Average tree weighs 680 kg. So if we save around 94444 papers we will save one average size tree. And re-cycling is also not that cheaper.


Hummingbytes has come up with out-of-box Alerting system. Businesses can use this system and start sending the important, time sensitive information with the communication of choice (SMS, Voice or E-mail). If businesses want to integrate this mechanism in their systems then there are Web Services available.


Visit Hummingbytes to see how we can help to make this earth green by using communication effectively.


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