SMS based health care

I had my usual visit to the doctor today to make sure I will be alive to attend the 10th annual blog party for my blogs !! Who is invited. Everyone.  Anyway, my usual visit was about my general health, blood test, urine test ….. After all the fluid exchange the doctor asked me to come back in a day or two to get my reports and in the meanwhile if I had any other issues to come to his office.

I asked him, can I TEXT you my issues !!! That was probably the coolest idea he had heard that day, other than implanting an extra brain for the dumb. Talk about dual core technology !! He asked me how would I reach him. I told him that he will have a special Keyword “XYZ” and someone sends a text message to a shortcode, he will get the message. How will he reply. From a webform !!! Simple.

I told him that he can tell all his patients that they can reach him the same way by sending him their ailments via TEXT !! He was excited about using technology to save peoples lives (by taking blood tests, urine samples, heart rate etc …).  The patients on the the other end will be happy that they are getting personal care, and they do not even have to leave their workplace. 

Well that reminds me of pilonidal sinus, a cyst that gets formed (you know where) by sitting for too long. Maybe I should ask my doctor about it via TEXT.

Visit hummingbytes to see how we can help you create such a system for your doctor.



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