I select, I send

Browsing for information and sharing information on the web has sprouted many companies who act as web favourites, stores urls for you, dig your items, make it delicious and give it a face. All this is assuming that you have an account with digg, facebook, delicious, and other web-data sharing cool ideas. And then you can only share your items with other diggers or facebookers or delicacies !

What about sending a news snippet to my aunt in Greenland, where she is not surrounded by young hip crowd who want to have a facebook account. She has a phone, and she has an email account. So I decide to send her a news article on how the green lands of Greenland are turning into marshy pits because of melting ice. Greenland is turning into mangrove.

So I grab the text from national geographic website and right click to get a context menu, HBMessageToGo. Then a small box opens up and I can choose the method to send this information. I know my aunt might not read email for days, but sending a TEXT message will surely get her attention. No she is not tech savvy, but her son is !! He works as a overnight electrician at a local gas company in Greenland. He plays with volts and amperes !!!

So after sending it, I got a reply via email from my aunt. “And you sent me a TEXT message for this ?. Why could you not just call me up and read it out to me”. I said I will do it the next time. HBMessageToGo has a phone option to send messages. If it had been a tune to a racy greenland native folklore mixed with some rap words she would have loved it.

visit HummingBytes Components, download and install the component and you will have the power to select and send !!!



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