Mumbai terrorist attack

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Mumbai attack. This was one of the most heinous crimes against humanity and once again told us that we are living in totally different world now.
A lot of people became hostages of terrorists but a lot of people escaped from the situation. Three World Bank officials were told to stay in their rooms. They kept on hearing firing without knowing what was going on outside. CEO of Equus Advertising had stepped out of the hotel and was on his way back to the hotel when he got a message from employees of the Taj that there was a law and order problem and he should not go back to the hotel. There are numerous stories like these; some of them ended in tragic deaths and in some of them it was a close shave situation. I was wondering what if the hotel had some kind of mechanism with which on a click of a button all the people staying in the hotel and employees got a SMS or voice message to inform about the situation. Probably the patrons and employees would have got better idea about the situation.

In the US, after Virginia Tech tragedy a lot of US universities are deploying SMS Based Emergency Alert System that uses text messaging to alert students, faculty, and staff when needed at the push of a button. I think similar Emergency Alerting System needs to be in place for Hotels, Banks and other organizations to keep their patrons, employees informed about the situations.

Hummingbytes Interactive Information Gateway (IIG) is designed to provide solutions like this. IIG’s SMS or Voice gateway can be used to design this system. The implementation of this kind of system is very easy with IIG. Letting businesses connect to the consumers is one of the main features of the product.
Here you can learn more about the system.


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