I don’t want time sensitive information going in my e-mail junk folder, do you?

The other day I came to know that the information I was waiting for almost three weeks did never made it to my Inbox. When I called the person who was going to send the information, I came to know that the information might have gone in my junk folder as it had come from common e-mail ID. Grrr….

With so many spam e-mails coming to our inbox, sometimes information can get lost with unwanted data. I think a piece information which is time sensitive and very important, is a perfect candidate to get to mobile SMS inbox.

People can argue with me that, it might make our SMS inbox filled with junk. But fortunately there are some standards and regulations around mobile spamming. The regulation is called CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This law shields consumers from unwanted mobile phone spam as well as E-mail spamming. But this law is more meticulously followed by SMS gateway providers than e-mail providers. Providers cannot send SMSs to consumers unless they specifically opt-in for the particular information. Also after every SMS it is mandatory to give consumers an option to quit the service.

Hummingbytes provides SMS soft solution for enterprises. The solution comes in different flavors (APIs, Webservices and components) and designed for rapid development. Enterprises can make use of these services and send valuable information to their customers. The solution is based on Shortcode and also can be used bi-directionally. This can be a very good way to be in touch with customers and make sure they are not the one like the way I was when I lost the information in my e-mail junk folder.


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