What is a Humming Byte ?

A Humming Byte is a rare phenomenon in data transmission that occurs on certain mediums which have abnormalities in their atomic structure.  On an abnormal atomic structure when electrons whizz past, it create a human audible sound that travels the length of the medium.  Copper is a good example of a medium that can have abnormalities come and go out of existence in a matter of seconds.

Research has found that it is not always that this sound is produced.  Only when 4088 consecutive electrons (511 bytes) with a high energy state (i.e. state 1) is passed over a super heated copper wire (~600 degrees Fahrenheit), the 512th byte produces a shrill monotone like the one produced by a train whizzing past on its metal tracks. This sound though fairly inaudible, can certainly be heard by a trained ear.  The 512th byte is called a Humming Byte a rarity by all means .


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