Webservices to make phone calls

With telephony/messaging becoming more and more useful for reaching people to alert them or send them some important facts, a simple set of webservices would be useful which can place a call, say something, get a response and keep doing this till you have collected all your data and then hangup !!

Just like getting financial stock market prices, or weather info. which are more data driven a functionality or process driven webservice can do this. In fact anything that can be done using a conventional programming language can be done using webservices. Hook up the webservices with a telephony engine from hummingbytes and you are all set to do web telephony. The hummingbytes telephony engine is a simple set of APIs that can be invoked from any process to do basic telephony functionality. MakeCall, WaitforCall, Inform, Prompt, HangupCall are the basic set of functions it supports.  Extended functions like TransferCall, StartConference, EndConference, Record, HoldCall etc makes it a rich telephony suite of operations. Visit hummingbytes to learn more about what we do.


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