Web components for quick messaging

Dragging and dropping components to a web page and rendering some functionality is as easy as it can get. Creating rich text boxes, or customized drop downs of images is cool. But what if you can drag and drop a telephony or messaging functionality into your web page? Now that is reaching out of UI to functional space. It is no more a look good component, but a do good component also.

Here is an example of a web component. HBMessageToGo is an easy to use component that has a simple messaging functionality built into it. It can send small pieces of information from the web to any phone, SMS or email address.  It can read out new snippets, audio files, tunes to a phone, or send a shopping cart, greetings, definitions, price of an item as a TEXT message, or even send a long winding article like this to your friend. How about that? All that functionality packed into a small component.  Now dragging and dropping this component on your web page, gives you an interactive edge over others. Your users can decide which mechanism to use to get the information they want.

There is more !!! HBEasySecurity is a security component that offers a simple security feature. “Make sure your users are real people and not bots !!”. How does it do it ? Well, it sends a 3 to 7 character alpha-numeric code to the user’s registered phone, SMS or Email address. User then enters this code on the component to gain access to privileged facts !! Hmmm… Now where would one want something like this ? Registration process, High security web-facts, Web shopping, etc.

There are more components on the way.  HBClickToCall, HBGreetings, HBSongForYou etc. But you will have to wait till the component is done and then I will blog away on it !!!!


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